Why Your Voice Matters In The Blogging World

Your voice matters. For a long time, I wrestled with the decision to blog and why anyone would visit a blog by me. I felt like I had to be an expert in something, wildly successful or a billionaire before my voice had credibility. I’m not entirely sure why I felt that way (and still struggle with stinking thinking from time to time) but it is a very real feeling.

Why Your Voice Matters

It’s easy in the blogging world to get into a game of comparisons. Stop comparing yourself to all the other bloggers out there because we aren’t all the same. Sure, we may be in the same “niches” like lifestyle, mommy, travel bloggers but we all write for different audiences.

One of the most important lessons I have learned in the last few months is that you have a story. You need to tell your story to help your readers. They need to know how your story offers them solutions to whatever you blog about. So there are a lot of bloggers who write about blogging but what I bring to the table is the perspective of a mom. I can share what it’s like to get a blog off the ground with two young children at home and how I try to balance it all. Own your story and use it to guide others.

Know who your ideal reader is and talk to them- when I started this really made no sense to me. Part of finding your voice in this process is speaking to that person you ideally want to reach with your blog. You want to stand out and if you are using your blog for a business, you need to stand out.

Blogs are becoming more common but don’t discount writing about what you are passionate about. People want to find blogs and feel a connection with the writers of those blogs. Don’t fall into a niche simply because you think it’s going to make you more money. It’s true there are a lot of blogs out there but where a lot of people fall short in blogging is that they never find an audience.

Not everyone wants to make money with a blog- but if you do through promotion and building your community, you can make some income from your blog. Check out this great article here from Becoming Minimalist on other reasons you should consider using your voice in the blogging world.

The Pinterest Principle

The other thing I hear when I talk to people about blogging is they don’t know what they would write about. You can blog about anything really. Take a look at Pinterest and some of the people you follow, chances are they have a lot of boards with a variety of interests. People search for information about their hobbies, interests and passions. Find your tribe that share your passions and share your knowledge with them.

Passion Quote

Some of the most successful blogs I have seen are ones where people share their love of their hobby and allow people to follow along in that journey.

So if you are thinking about blogging- I encourage you to take a look at making your dream a reality in 2020. You just might surprise yourself at where you are this time next year.

So tell me in the comments- if you are a blogger, what finally made you decide to take the leap? If you aren’t a blogger yet, what do you think is keeping you from starting your blog?

By Alissia Haggard

Hi and thanks for checking out the blog! My name is Alissia (that’s my husband Aren on the right) and I am the stay at home mom of 2 boys. Staying at home for the past few years led me to explore options on making money at home without having to go back to work which led me to a home based business.

Working a home based business with 2 young kids at home isn’t always the easiest thing to do. You can do a lot of home parties/vendor events/networking groups but hey life gets in the way right?

Over the past year, I have been training with several mentors which led me to create this site for anyone like me- people driven to entrepreneurship for whatever reason and what I want to do is help you in that journey.

So much of the home-based business industry gets a bad reputation for the actions of a few and it keeps a lot of other people away from anything home-based thinking they have to spam their family and friends, get left in the No Friends Left Club or sacrifice time away from their family to find success.

Here at the Stay At Home Mompreneur you will find tips and tricks to help you ROCK your business and grow your following while building your business. I want to share timesavers that are working for me (and what’s not working for me). I also want to share tips for the moms on how to find work/life balance while raising your kids.

Glad you’re here and the best is yet to come!

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