Why You Need To Use Facebook Live

In case you haven’t heard- there’s a new livestreaming kid on the block! If you use Facebook, chances are you have seen celebrities and public figures “go live” but Facebook has recently announced that they will begin rolling out this “live” feature to everyone before too long. Should you take the plunge and join the Facebook Live community?

The Power Of Early Adopters

So it may seem overwhelming to add yet another social media network to your blog or business but it can have big benefits. Facebook is rolling out slowly the live option to profiles- so chances are if you already have it, you are part of a special elite group. Since Live is new and everyone is curious about it- chances are if you go live, people are going to watch even if it’s out of mere curiosity.

When there’s less noise in a social media network your chances of building a following tend to grow much faster. Part of the benefit of social media is people are looking for connections so as an early adopter your network can increase dramatically as the network gains popularity.

You can position yourself as an expert simply for being on the network in the early stages which gives you leverage for your brand.

Why Not To Early Adopt

Sometimes it can be a risk to adopt to a new social media network- luckily for live users, Facebook is a steady, consistent social media network with a proven history of sticking around. This should take away some of the uneasiness about early adopting for most people which is all the more reason why you should use live if you have it.

Perhaps you simply just don’t have time to do another social media network- that is more than okay too. You have to take a look and see what fits with your brand. You also have to consider what is ultimately going to help more people find you and your business.

Ideas on How To Use Facebook Live

The possible ways you can use Facebook Live are endless. There’s a couple things you might want to consider before your first broadcast:

  • With Facebook Live, people who are watching live can comment to you as you are filming so something interactive like a Q and A could be a great place to start.
  • Since you may be broadcasting from your personal profile- this is an opportunity to connect, I would not try to use this opportunity to pitch your product.
  • Talking about something you’re working on or have to offer (think free opt-in) with a call to action could be a great way to pique someone’s interest.

Facebook Live also allows us the opportunity to expand our networks so we want to make sure whatever our business may be our live streaming is well intentioned and planned. Nothing worse than hopping on a scope with someone who isn’t quite sure what they are doing and I’m sure Facebook Live will play out the same way.

You will have to option to name your broadcast so make sure you deliver on what your message is. And as with most things on Facebook- don’t over-live stream. Keeping your total Facebook posts to a few times a day is a great way to start building engagement.

So tell me in the comments- have you jumped into the live-streaming world? Do you have access to Facebook Live?

If you want to keep up with this blog on Facebook, you can find me here . I share more tips/tricks/articles on blogging and social media and I’m looking forward to doing more video myself in 2020.

By Alissia Haggard

Hi and thanks for checking out the blog! My name is Alissia (that’s my husband Aren on the right) and I am the stay at home mom of 2 boys. Staying at home for the past few years led me to explore options on making money at home without having to go back to work which led me to a home based business.

Working a home based business with 2 young kids at home isn’t always the easiest thing to do. You can do a lot of home parties/vendor events/networking groups but hey life gets in the way right?

Over the past year, I have been training with several mentors which led me to create this site for anyone like me- people driven to entrepreneurship for whatever reason and what I want to do is help you in that journey.

So much of the home-based business industry gets a bad reputation for the actions of a few and it keeps a lot of other people away from anything home-based thinking they have to spam their family and friends, get left in the No Friends Left Club or sacrifice time away from their family to find success.

Here at the Stay At Home Mompreneur you will find tips and tricks to help you ROCK your business and grow your following while building your business. I want to share timesavers that are working for me (and what’s not working for me). I also want to share tips for the moms on how to find work/life balance while raising your kids.

Glad you’re here and the best is yet to come!

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