Afraid Of Missing Out?

Are you afraid of missing out on the good things? I have been a mom for 4 years now and it seems like there are so many things thrown at moms these days. Whether it’s decisions like pre-kindergarten or not, Little Gym or Music Together, to vaccinate or not to vaccinate? We as parents have to make a LOT of choices. It gets even harder when you start throwing other elements of being a parent (work, family obligations, religion) into the mix- I know I feel like the LAST thing I want to do is make another decision. I have been working online for the last year in a couple of business opportunities and one thing you are constantly faced with is a stream of deals, books, webinars, companies and apps that all promise to bring in more leads, buy you more time and get you to that beach house quicker than the other guy.

So what is a busy mom who is trying to build her business online to do? I know for awhile all I did was try to connect to free training/email lists/webinars/books as much as I possibly could but what I found was I was spending a lot of time in education mode and not so much in income producing activities (AKA making money). 2015 for me has been the year of the mentor. In January, I connected with a mentor who has had huge success online who has helped me worked on my mindset and my mindset has improved in ways I couldn’t even imagine. I’ve begun moving past personal mindset and roadblocks that were holding me back in my business which has allowed me to move into part 2- working with Jilley Sue in her Ultimate Group and learning from her which is seriously one of the best decisions I have ever made.

So what have I learned about FOMO since I started working online?

  1. Clear out the emails– I subscribed to SO many things in the beginning trying to get ideas here and there. I thought if I read enough, attended enough training or listened to enough people I would start to work my business. Long story short- a month ago I was staring at 30,000 emails that I seriously thought one day I would have time to read (I wasn’t).
  2. Find documented mentors– Everyone these days claims to be social media experts, network marketing gurus, blogging mentors but what results have they gotten their clients? These days I prefer to get my info from a handful of good mentors with a PROVEN track record vs. 100 people with no results. Listen to your mentors and apply their information FIRST before you go out to the next best thing.
  3. It’s a process- You aren’t going to build a blogging empire in a week. You’re not going to be top of Periscope by the end of your first scope. It takes time and tweaks to find your voice and how you best connect with your audience.
  4. Build relationships- NONE of your work online means anything without building relationships and connecting with people DAILY. You aren’t going to put up a bunch of content online and expect people to just follow you, sign up for your e-course or buy your book. They have to know, like and trust you.
  5. If all else fails, try doing it the way your mentor told you to do it in the first place– SO many times even still, I get frustrated and down and start looking around for the bigger better deal and the easiest way to cut a corner. I do this while I haven’t even done all the things I have been asked to do in the first place.

So what do I want to offer here on this site? I am NOT an expert and do not claim to be. What I can offer is insight and advice on what I’m learning on how to balance being a mom and an entrepreneur- tips and tricks on how to make your day easier while spending time with your kids, what I’m using to cut my administrative time down and how I’m balancing it all.

By Alissia Haggard

Hi and thanks for checking out the blog! My name is Alissia (that’s my husband Aren on the right) and I am the stay at home mom of 2 boys. Staying at home for the past few years led me to explore options on making money at home without having to go back to work which led me to a home based business.

Working a home based business with 2 young kids at home isn’t always the easiest thing to do. You can do a lot of home parties/vendor events/networking groups but hey life gets in the way right?

Over the past year, I have been training with several mentors which led me to create this site for anyone like me- people driven to entrepreneurship for whatever reason and what I want to do is help you in that journey.

So much of the home-based business industry gets a bad reputation for the actions of a few and it keeps a lot of other people away from anything home-based thinking they have to spam their family and friends, get left in the No Friends Left Club or sacrifice time away from their family to find success.

Here at the Stay At Home Mompreneur you will find tips and tricks to help you ROCK your business and grow your following while building your business. I want to share timesavers that are working for me (and what’s not working for me). I also want to share tips for the moms on how to find work/life balance while raising your kids.

Glad you’re here and the best is yet to come!

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