10 TikTok B2B Marketing Strategy

As the mobile moment market is getting more competitive, TikTok has become one of the most popular mobile apps in the past year. We have seen a growing trend of marketers using this short video app to build awareness about their brands through influencers. What are these influencer marketing strategies? How can I leverage TikTok’s massive user base? Is it difficult to do a B2B marketing strategy on Tik Tok?

In this article, your questions will be answered.

1. Personalize your message

The more you can speak directly to the needs and desires of your audience, the better off you’re going to be. This is an area where social media sites have always done well with targeting ads, but by being creative with the TikTok B2B marketing strategy, you may just be able to outdo them all!

2. Experiment with location-based services

Location-based services are a great way to get people coming back again and again. They’re also a fantastic way to spread word of mouth about your brand, provide customer service for people nearby, and even help you get insights into where your target audience lives.

3.  Short video ads

video production services

There are several ways businesses can take advantage of TikTok’s influencer marketing strategy to engage with prospects and existing customers through short video ads which last less than 10 seconds long. These videos support full screen, sound on or off format promoting your message or introducing your brand/products in a creative way. And since the users are watching these videos in their feeds, your ads are more likely to stand out. The cost of advertising on TikTok is about $1 per 1,000 impressions, which is clearly cheaper than other social media channels.

4. Personalised engagement

There are 2 ways to do influencer marketing strategy on Tik Tok: The first option is reaching out to potential influencers who have a strong following base and have engaged followers. You can also reach out to smaller accounts with engaged audiences if you want more personalized engagement with the users.

The second option is creating short-form content yourself via an account that’s already been verified by TikTok or buying views from third-party sites that sell access to targeted views at a higher price -but first, check if they’re on TikTok’s white-listed sites. Make sure your goal is to generate as many views as possible by carefully targeting the right users and getting more advertising reach, not buying fake likes or followers that will do you no good.

5.  Top 3 secrets

It is very easy for marketers to be overwhelmed by the number of tasks you have to do with TikTok since it operates in a completely different way from other apps, but with these 3 tips, you can improve your strategy: 1) Be consistent – find a style and tone of voice that works for your brand and stick to it across all social media channels. 2) Keep posts short – this platform encourages creators to make short videos and we don’t want your audience to spend more than 10 seconds scrolling through their feeds. 3) Use hashtags – this is one way to engage with users, whether you’re looking for feedback on campaigns or new ideas from other users. Hashtag #sponsored or #ad if you want to make it clear that the video is advertising content.

6. Using third-party Service

If you don’t want to do influencer marketing strategy on Tik Tok alone, consider working with third-party B2B lead generation services that provide a comprehensive solution by managing your brand’s social media accounts and handling your digital advertising needs. They can help you plan a strong TikTok content strategy while driving targeted traffic to your website for lead conversions.

7. Get ahead of the competition

It is never too late to build a bigger audience, but it is always hard to play catch up when your competitors start gaining followers much faster because they know how to market their brand. If you want to be competitive in TikTok’s influencer marketing strategy, we suggest that you start investing time and money into social media marketing earlier than your competitors so that you can’t get noticed by more users and get ahead of them.

8.  Using all elements

Even though this platform has yet another different interface from other social media platforms, everything works the same way: create engaging videos or photos that will prompt users to take action such as purchasing your products or services, subscribing to newsletters or visiting websites. Ensure all elements of your posts including hashtags and links direct users to your website and contain a clear call-to-action so they can take you up on your offer.

9. TikTok & SEO

Many brands might think that Tik Tok doesn’t provide any SEO benefit, but if you’re smart enough to know what’s trending on this platform, then visit the explore page and see how many hashtags are related to what you’re offering. If there is not much content about it yet, then run some paid campaigns with influencers on Tik Tok who have an audience interested in your topic and place ads near those hashtags and drive traffic and brand awareness for your business.

10. Know what works

On TikTok, like other social media platforms, only the best B2B Leads will convert into customers that you will be able to close. You need to optimize your campaigns by creating compelling content, leveraging the right partnerships with influencers, and measuring your results with metrics like views, likes, comments, and shares. Once you have all this data in hand, compare it to other social media platforms where you are generating leads for B2B or even offline channels. This way, you can know what’s working best for your brand on TikTok which is why choosing the right partner who knows how to leverage this platform well is crucial when building a strong influencer marketing strategy.

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